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  • 2022-11-23

    The Central American customer ordered a batch of pump barrel, plunger and pump accessories in August. After the products were sent out in October, the customer ordered a batch of pump barrel, plunger and pump accessories last week. The specifications of pump barrel are B11-125, B11-150, plunger spec

  • 2022-10-12

    Central American customer orders 300pcs B11-125, B11-150, B11-200, B12-125,B12-150, B12-200 pump barrels, 150pcs 1-1/8 rod, and 2000pcs rod centralizers, etc. Over the course of the contract, the customer added 500 additional pump fittings and slim hole rod couplings, all of which have been complete

  • 2022-09-21

    Central American customers ordered 300 B11-125, B11-150, B11-200, B12-125, B12-150, B12-200 pump barrels, 150 1-1/8 polished rods, and 2000 sucker rod centralizers, etc. product. The product is currently in production. Although there have been some difficulties in the arrival of raw materials and pr

  • 2022-08-17

    Pump barrel and pump accessories shipped to Central American customerCentral American customer orders B11-125, B11-150 pump barrel, R11-20, R11-25 valve rod, 1-1/8 polished rod, V11-125, V11-175, V11-225, V11-250 valve ball and seat, C14-20, C13-125 valve cage, G11-20, S11-20 crossover joint, pony r


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