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Tianjin Soright Technology & Development Co.,Ltd primarily provides clients with the oil production equipments, tools, spare parts and accessories that been manufactured by high quality petroleum equipments manufacturers of CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation). Because of holding a high quality technical expert team and cooperating with CNPC’s R&D institutes and Chinese Petroleum Universities, Soright Tech also can supply the design and manufacturing the special products and equipments for clients according to the requirement.



China's Xijiang oilfield in the South China Sea produced more than 100 million cubic meters of crude oil

2024/02/22 >>

The reporter learned from the Shenzhen branch of China National Offshore Oil Company on February 11 that the company is located in the Xijiang oilfield in the Pearl River Mouth Basin of the South China Sea, and the cumulative production of crude oil exceeded 100 million cubic meters as of February 1


South American customer orders a batch of sucker rod centralizers

2024/02/21 >>

Our company's South American customer ordered a batch of rod centralizer, model number include CENTRALIZAD TWIST-ON /CUERPO 5/8x2-3/8, 3/4x2-3/8, 7/8x2-3/8, 5/8x2-7/8, 3/4x2-7/8, 7/8x2-7/8, 7/8X2-7/8, 1x2-7/8, CENTRALIZAD TWIST-ON/Cople5/8x2-3/8, 3/4x2-3/8, 7/8X2-3/8, 5/8x2-7/8, 3/4x2-7/8, 7/8x2-7/8


Stainless polished rod and Spraying metal polished rod

2024/02/20 >>

The polished rods are used to connect sucker rod and pump unite.The spray welding polished rod adopts the sucker rod pump plunger manufacturing process, and sprays the alloy powder on the surface of the rod body to improve the surface hardness of the rod body and enhance the wear resistance and corr


The President of Ecuador issued an executive order to ratify the China-Ecuador free trade Agreement

2024/02/18 >>

Recently, Ecuadorian President Guillaume Novoa issued Executive Order No. 166, ratifying the Ecuadorea-China Free Trade Agreement. Under the Ecuadorian Constitution, international instruments must be signed or ratified by the President. China is Ecuador's second largest trading partner. On May 11, 2


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