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Tianjin Soright Technology & Development Co.,Ltd primarily provides clients with the oil production equipments, tools, spare parts and accessories that been manufactured by high quality petroleum equipments manufacturers of CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation). Because of holding a high quality technical expert team and cooperating with CNPC’s R&D institutes and Chinese Petroleum Universities, Soright Tech also can supply the design and manufacturing the special products and equipments for clients according to the requirement.



Latest international oil price--July 15, 2024

2024/07/15 >>

By July 15,2024, the future price of light crude oil from New York Mercantile Exchange is USD81.75 a barrel, increased by USD1.15 than July 8,2024, The increase rate is 1.41%. The future price of crude oil from London Brent is USD84.57 a barrel, increased by USD1.87 than July 8,2024. The increase ra


Stainless steel polished rods were delivered to port

2024/07/12 >>

A batch of stainless steel polished rods ordered by one our company's customers, with specifications of 1-1/2x30ft, 431 material, and end threads of 1 "and 7/8" rod threads respectively. Last week, the production inspection and packaging were completed, and this week it will be delivered to the cust


The first shale oil hydraulic fracturing test in China has successfully completed the logging construction task

2024/07/10 >>

The successful completion of the first shale oil hydraulic fracturing test in China, undertaken by Bohai Drilling Second Logging Company, marks a new breakthrough and progress for the company in the field of shale oil hydraulic fracturing construction


Polished rod

2024/07/09 >>

Polished rod is made by alloy steel and stainless steel, SM polished rod adopts the sucker rod pump plunger manufacturing process, and sprays the alloy powder on the surface of the rod body to improve the surface hardness of the rod body and enhance the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of th


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