Daqing drilling two drilling teams to break the annual penetration of 100,000 meters

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It was learned on December 19 that Daqing Drilling team 30681 and 15160 drilling team both broke the 100,000 meter mark. These are the "four consecutive titles" and "two consecutive titles" of the two teams with the penetration exceeding 100,000 meters, which shows the responsibility and responsibility of Daqing drilling iron man team to ensure stable oil and gas production with practical actions.

The drilling team of 30681 took technology application as the core factor of speeding up. Relying on the rich experience of drilling 100,000 meters in three years, they explored and summarized a set of application template of switching well technology. According to the formation changes, the scientific application of MWD tracking while drilling technology shortened the construction cycle of each well by 7 hours. Undersize screw support is installed to complete drilling in one trip, saving 10 hours for each well. By optimizing the drilling fluid treatment agent, the drilling time of each well was reduced by 6 hours, and the cementing rate reached 100% throughout the year.

The 15160 drilling team relies on the "four quick, one strict and three small" working method, implements the "one well and one policy", and realizes the overall acceleration of the optimal and fast organization. The "four fast" is quick to connect a single root, fast to pull down the drill, fast to convey instructions, fast to complete the well moving and prepare before drilling; "Strict" means strict implementation of technical measures without discount; The "three small" means small changes in pump pressure, bit pressure and mud performance parameters. The team achieved a number of new breakthroughs, such as annual intersection of 80 Wells and cementing quality of 100%.


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