API 5CT Tubing Anchors


1. Introduction of torque anchor

The torque anchor is a special anchor for PC pump. With good centering performance, the anchor is seated in the well without lifting and down. It has easy operation and good stability. The anchor’s blocks are anchored in the inner wall of the casing at same time with same pressure pressing on the casing from three points to avoid damage the casing. To avoid the tubing thread being tripping, the anchor has anchor force as greater as reverse torque. The Torque ≥ 5000N •m. Alloy material of the anchor is suit for corrosion oil and gas well. The anchor has very good anchoring performance, easy operation, good centering performance.

The torque anchors are exported to Peru, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Russia, Sudan, Chad, and Algeria.

2. Material

2.1. Body: 42CrMo   Hardness: HB277--311

2.2. Block: 20CrMnTi   Hardness: HRC52--60

3. Specification


4. Usage

4.1 Choose the anchor according to the casing size.

4.2 Connecting the anchor under the PC pump.

4.3 Checking the block is working well.

4.4 Put the anchor into the casing.

4.5 Arriving at the desired depth, turning the tubing string clockwise with 400N.m torque and at same time the anchor has anchored on the casing.

4.6 Fix the tubing string with the wellhead for finishing loading the anchor.

4.7 Turning the tubing string1-5 rounds to unloading the anchor.



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