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  • 2023-12-07

    On December 1, the reporter learned from the Changqing Oilfield Branch of petrochina Co., LTD., that after more than two years of exploration, Changqing Oilfield found a large oil field with geological reserves of over 100 million tons in Hongde area, Huan County, Qingyang City, Gansu Province.Niu X
  • 2023-08-22

    Torque anchor is a special anchor for PC pump. With good centering performance, the anchor is seated in the well without lifting and down. It has easy operation and good stability. The anchor’s blocks are anchored in the inner wall of the casing at same time with same pressure pressing on the casing
  • 2023-01-29

    Global oil demand is expected to reach a record 101.7 million barrels a day this year, well above pre-pandemic levels, according to a report released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on January 18, local time.In its report, the IEA said it has raised its forecast for global oil demand growth
  • 2022-11-24

    The reporter learned from the Tianjin branch of CNOOC on November 21 that the accumulated crude oil production of Suizhong 36-1 oilfield, the first modern self-exploration and development oil field in China's offshore, exceeded 95 million tons, which is equivalent to the oil tanker filled with 60 to


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