Xinjiang Jimsar County produced 510,300 tons of crude oil in the first quarter

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Recently, the reporter learned from Jimsar County Bureau of Commerce and Industry Information Technology support oil field work leading group office, this year from January to April Jimsar County crude oil production of 510,300 tons, crude oil production hit a new high.

At present, Jimsar County has a total of four companies qualified for comprehensive exploration and development of oil and gas resources, namely Xinjiang Oilfield, Tuha Oilfield, Sinopec Xinchun Oil Company, Xinjiang Guangyuan Oil and Gas Company. The total area of petroleum mineral rights is 5835.7 square kilometers. This year, the two oil fields and the Zhundong Oil Production Plant plan to produce 1,599,000 tons of crude oil. As of April 30, the two oil field companies and the Zhundong oil production plant have produced 510,300 tons of crude oil, 383,500 tons of crude oil last year, an increase of 126,800 tons.


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