The world's highest oil and sediment processing capacity has reached 100 tons per day

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February 21, the reporter learned from the China National Petroleum Corporation Qinghai Oilfield Branch (hereinafter referred to as "Qinghai Oilfield"), recently, Qinghai oilfield production plant oil mud sand processing capacity has reached 100 tons per day, to ensure the oilfield environmental protection needs.

Qinghai oilfield is located in the hinterland of Qaidam Basin, which is the highest oilfield in the world. After the completion of commissioning and operation in July 2016, the oil mud and sand treatment station of the No.1 Oil production Plant obtained the hazardous waste production and operation license for the first time. As the only internal unit with hazardous waste disposal qualification in Qinghai Oilfield, the station undertakes the hazardous waste disposal work of the whole oilfield.

"Oil mud and sand are landing pollutants produced in the process of crude oil production. If not handled promptly and effectively, it will damage the ecological environment." Yuan Hu, operation technician of oil mud sand treatment station of Oil production Plant No. 1, said that the station adopts screening, sorting, solid-liquid separation and other ways to treat oil mud sand.

At present, through the innovation of centrifuge technical details, the station greatly reduces the replacement of equipment parts and wearing parts, saving maintenance costs. And through the control of operation details, in the equipment operation, technical details and other aspects of the optimization and transformation of 5, to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the equipment. After passing the third-party inspection, the tailings shall be put on record and approved by the local environmental Protection Bureau and be reused in the oilfield.


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