The production of tubing coupling and thread protector ordered by the customer have been completed

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The production of two batches of couplings and thread protectors ordered by African and South American customers have been completed. The specifications of the products ordered by African customers are: 3-1/2 "EUE N80 coupling, 1,800 pieces, 3-1/2" EUE steel-plastic thread protectors, 1,800 sets, 4-1/2 "EUE steel-plastic thread protectors, 500 sets. 2-7/8 "EUE steel plastic thread protector 600 sets; South American customers ordered the product specifications for 2-7/8" EUE N80 coupling, 1500 pieces, 3-1/2 "NUE J55 coupling, 900 pieces. At present, the coupling has been completed production, inspection and packaging. It will be delivered to Tianjin Port soon.

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