The output of shale oil in Jiangsu oilfield exceeds 50,000 tons

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Jiangsu Oilfield actively promotes the strategy of developing both natural and natural resources, strengthens shale oil exploration and development, and achieves a breakthrough in oil and gas resources. As of July 28, the cumulative production of shale oil exceeded 50,000 tons.

They innovated a block-type shale oil fracture network fracturing technology system, thousands of meters underground in the fault block shale rock, pressure a "highway", so that shale oil hidden in tiny pores through the artificial fracture network into the wellbore.

In May this year, the shale oil well - Huaye 7HF well successfully completed 32 stages of fracturing, the vertical depth of more than 4,200 meters, the average sand intensity of more than 4.2 tons/meter, the fracturing vertical depth, the amount of sand added to a single well, the average sand intensity, and the total amount of carbon dioxide injected in Subei Basin, the highest 4 records. On June 9, the Huafye 7HF well used a 3mm oil nozzle to discharge the liquid, and saw a high-yield industrial oil flow.


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