The oil drilling and production equipment industry in Dongying District of Shandong Province has been selected as a national industrial cluster

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A few days ago, learned from the relevant departments, Dongying District oil drilling equipment industrial cluster into the national small and medium-sized enterprises characteristic industrial cluster. As the first and only cluster selected in Dongying District, the oil drilling and production equipment industry is accelerating its rise to a new level of high-quality development.

The oil drilling and production equipment industry has a strong foundation in Dongying District, with leading enterprises such as Kerui Group, Shengji Company, Hande, Yongli Seiko, Wanbang Petroleum Company, including drilling rig, pumping unit, electric control system, threaded joint, pressure vessel and other complete industry chain.

In recent years, with Dongying High-tech Industrial Development Zone as the core, Dongying District has actively built industrial clusters of oil drilling and production equipment, promoted oil drilling and production equipment enterprises to climb the ladder, and cultivated a number of leading enterprises in the industry. At the same time, to create a number of "specialized and special new", individual champion and other high-quality enterprises.

At present, there are 97 oil drilling and production equipment enterprises in the cluster, 13 national specialized and special new "little giant" enterprises, 4 national key "Little giant" enterprises, 1 national individual champion enterprise, 11 provincial gazelle enterprises, 13 provincial individual champion enterprises, which is full of momentum for "climbing the ladder".


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