The oil and gas equivalent of Huabei oilfield exceeds 6 million tons

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A few days ago, the reporter learned from Huabei Oilfield that in 2022, the oil and gas equivalent of Huabei oilfield exceeded 6 million tons, a record high.

Huabei Oilfield has made great efforts to develop natural gas business, highlighting technological innovation, increasing natural gas business volume and efficiency, expanding the total scale and improving economic benefits. Coalbed methane business focuses on improving production and efficiency, continuously upgrading technology, accelerating production speed, refining site management in old areas, and rapidly increasing gas production. The annual production capacity exceeds 2.1 billion cubic meters, and daily gas production exceeds 6 million cubic meters. It has built the largest digital and large-scale coalbed methane field in China, and was awarded as the Excellent upper production gas field of petrochina in 2022. The company innovated the conventional natural gas business model, strengthened the research on production stimulation technology, and increased production while maintaining stability. The daily gas production per new well reached more than 150,000 cubic meters. The development of the "three-low" water-rich gas reservoir in Sulige has achieved initial progress, and the Su 75 block has maintained stable production of 800 million cubic meters for 12 consecutive years.


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