The offshore installation of Haiji-1 was completed

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Recently, in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, which is more than 200 kilometers southeast of Shenzhen and about 284 meters deep, the offshore installation work of Haiji No.1 platform, the first deepwater jacket platform in Asia designed and built by China, has been completed. The total weight of the platform is about 40,000 tons, refreshing the weight record of China's single offshore crude oil production platform.

It is understood that this is the first time for China to design, build and install a jacket platform in 300 meters of water depth, marking that China has completely mastered a complete set of key technologies for manufacturing and installation of ultra-large jacket platforms in deep water.

Haiji No.1 platform is a multi-functional crude oil drilling and production platform integrating drilling, production and living. The upper block consists of eight single structures, including east and west modules, living building and drilling module, weighing a total of about 10,000 tons. The platform is installed in the way of "building blocks". After the lifting operation of the main part of the platform was completed on April 25 this year, CNOOC Shenzhen Branch coordinated high-quality resources at home and abroad and safely and efficiently completed the offshore lifting of 6 structures, including the auxiliary module of drilling rig, the module of drilling equipment and the module of living building.

"Heikki, platform in the main streams in the south China sea wave, cnooc shenzhen branch project team for the first time at level 300 meters water depth area using DP (dynamic positioning) vessels, large structure lifting job, take various measures to conquer large amplitude wave flow, the ship within the slow drift construction problems, such as in just 3 days time, successful implementation all modules precisely in place.

It is reported that "Haiji 1" platform service in China's Pearl River Mouth Basin sea area Lufeng oilfield group. When the oil fields are put into full operation, they will produce 6,500 tons of crude oil per day at peak, which will further improve China's energy security capability. At present, the construction of Haibase 1 platform has entered the stage of offshore connection and commissioning. The project team is doing its best to ensure that the platform can be put into production smoothly within this year, and contribute to accelerating the increase of domestic oil and gas reserves and production.


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