The largest two-axis double-groove heat collection system in China was built in Bayan, North China

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Recently, the largest double-axis double-trough heat collection system in China was completed in Bayan Oilfield, North China Oilfield. The project built a total of 49 sets of double-axis double-trough concentrator, the installed capacity of 1.47 MW, the use of solar heat after the operation of 4.5 million KWH, the annual output of industrial steam 6800 tons, can bear more than 50% of the crude oil transfer station heat demand, achieve annual carbon dioxide emission reduction of 1850 tons.

The dual-axis double-groove collector has the characteristics of high day-by-day tracking accuracy, long heat collection time, high heat collection efficiency, high degree of automation, simple operation and maintenance, etc. The tracking accuracy reaches 0.015 degrees, the heat collection efficiency is as high as 85%, and the solar radiation resources can be obtained to the maximum extent on the limited land.

Bayan Oil field is located in Bayannur, which has the second richest light resources in China. The double-trough double-axis heat collection system built in the existing open space can realize the direct conversion of solar light-heat and provide high-temperature steam. During the construction process, technicians realized the matching of "source - network - load - storage" through the application of trough mirror concentrating heat collection technology, double groove three-dimensional normal real-time tracking technology, double heat source variable working condition adjustment technology, and crude oil storage tank heat storage technology, effectively reducing the waste of solar and thermal resources and heat disposal phenomenon, and ensuring the maximum benefit of solar and thermal installation.

During the construction, the cadres and employees of Bayan Branch and participating units reasonably organized the construction process, and completed the construction drawing design, bidding and procurement, collector ground assembly, pipeline pressure test and other work in only two months, laying a solid foundation for the clean heating of the transfer station.


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