The hull of Asia's first cylindrical floating production storage and unloading unit has been completed

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On August 17, CNOOC announced that the hull construction of "Offshore Oil 122", Asia's first cylindrical floating production, storage and unloading device (FPSO) independently designed and built by China, has been completed, marking a new breakthrough in the research and development and manufacturing technology capability of China's deep-water super large offshore oil and gas equipment.

The floating production, storage and unloading device is an "offshore oil and gas processing plant" integrating the functions of crude oil production, storage and export. It has the advantages of strong resistance to wind and waves, wide range of water depth, large storage and unloading capacity, transferability and reuse, and has become the mainstream production device for global offshore oil and gas development. Due to the complex production process, the high degree of integration of equipment and facilities, and the difficulty of construction, it is regarded as the "crown pearl" in the field of Marine engineering.

The "Offshore Oil 122" consists of functional modules on the hull and deck, with a maximum diameter of about 90 meters, a main deck area equivalent to 13 standard basketball courts, a total empty ship weight of 37,000 tons, a maximum displacement of 100,000 tons, a maximum oil storage capacity of 60,000 tons, and can continuously operate at sea for 15 years without returning to the dock. After completion, it will be pulled by 12 mooring cables with a length of 2,570 meters, standing on the sea at a depth of 324 meters, like a blooming "anemone flower", processing about 5,600 tons of crude oil every day.


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