The first set of ultra-high temperature and high pressure CPLog logging equipment has been successfully applied in China

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CNPC Logging Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as CNPC Logging) has successfully developed the first 230 ° C /170 mpa small-diameter instrument in China. The main technical indicators are of international advanced level, which can effectively meet the logging requirements of ultra-high temperature, ultra-high pressure Wells and ultra-deep horizontal Wells in complex well conditions. It provides strong equipment support for domestic ultra-deep oil and gas exploration and development and overseas market competition.

With the deepening of petroleum exploration and development, deep and ultra-deep oil and gas resources have become the main growth of proved oil and gas reserves. The logging requirements of deep and ultra-deep Wells pose new challenges to logging technology under high temperature and high pressure environment, requiring smaller od and higher temperature and pressure resistance index of logging instruments.

CNPC logging actively responds to the new demand for logging instruments in the field of deep oil and gas exploration and drilling engineering technology. Relying on CNPC logging Technology Test base, CNPC has completed 483 mechanical and electrical drawings, 49 software modules, more than 150,000 lines of software code and 94 tests and tests after more than four years of tackling key problems. In 2021, the CPLog logging series with high temperature and high pressure of 230 ° C /170 Mpa was successfully developed, which mainly includes seven kinds of logging instrument prototype, including telemetry gamma ray, well diameter inclination, compensated neutron, lithologic density, compensated acoustic wave, array induction and array lateral. At present, high temperature and high pressure small diameter array acoustic wave, micro resistivity imaging instruments are being developed.


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