The docking of offshore oil and gas platform of 10,000 tons class is successful

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On May 13, the CNOOC Enping 20-4 offshore drilling platform, weighing more than 15,000 tons, successfully docked with the submarine jacket in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, Guangdong Province, where the water depth is nearly 100 meters. This set a new record for the installation weight of dynamic positioning floating support for offshore oil and gas platforms in China and filled the gap in domestic technology.

In our country, this task has been implemented by foreign technicians for a long time, the staff told reporters. This work from the design, calculation, simulation to construction of the whole process of key operations, are completed independently for the first time. After the installation, the Enping 20-4 platform will enter the drilling phase and start production in the second half of this year, which is expected to become the most productive platform in the Enping oil field cluster. The crude oil produced is transported through undersea pipelines to refineries along our coast.

It is understood that the oil field group where Enping 20-4 offshore drilling platform is located is one of the fastest growing oil fields in China. When the oil field group is fully put into production, the peak annual output of crude oil will exceed 3.6 million tons, which will inject new power into the economic and social development of China.


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