The daily output of crude oil from Qinghai oilfield climbed to more than 6,000 tons

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Reporters learned on April 19 from the China National Petroleum Corporation Qinghai Oilfield Branch (hereinafter referred to as "Qinghai Oilfield"), as of April 17, the daily crude oil production of Qinghai oilfield climbed to 6,355 tons.

It is reported that since the beginning of this year, the daily crude oil production in the old area of Qinghai oilfield has increased by more than 300 tons compared to the beginning of the year, creating the fastest recovery rate in nearly three years.

Compared with previous years, in terms of power support, this year is the first year for Qinghai oilfield to resume operation and the year with the most power unit support. Workover teams resumed operation in 133 units, among which 110 units of minor repair increased by 62.72%, 16 units of major repair increased by 56.25%, 7 units of pressure operation, and the efficiency of single unit increased by 15.36%.

Reporters learned that Qinghai oilfield in the first quarter to speed up the recovery of last year's legacy abnormal pump detection Wells 92, the average daily recovery output of 68.3 tons. The average daily oil displacement was increased by 4.3 tons by increasing the long well stoppage. The application of surface activator was strengthened, and the test + promotion of ZC-2 surface activator was carried out for 1,080 Wells. The wax removal effect was significantly improved, the average flowback was shortened by 0.8 days, and the cumulative oil gain was 1169 tons, which effectively improved the production time of the well. In addition, back pressure reduction in the gathering and transportation system was implemented, and treatment measures such as adding oil collecting valve groups, unbunching and optimizing branch lines were carried out. The daily oil production was restored to nearly 15 tons.


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