The capacity construction scale of Shengli Oilfield has continued to increase for three consecutive years

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On October 19, the reporter learned from the release of major landmark achievements of Shengli Oilfield that Shengli Oilfield focused on long-term scale efficiency to stabilize production on production, 2023 onshore conventional oil reservoir single well production capacity increased by 10%, capacity construction scale continued to grow for three consecutive years, is expected to produce 23.47 million tons of crude oil in the year, an increase of 67,000 tons over 2021.

Ten major landmark achievements of Shengli Oilfield were also announced at the meeting, including strategic breakthroughs in ultra-deep exploration in the Junggar Basin and the construction of Shengli Jiyang shale oil national demonstration Zone.

It is reported that Shengli Oilfield has cultivated and formed three industrial clusters of traditional oil and gas, new energy and green and low-carbon. At present, a total of 171 new energy projects have been put into operation, the installed PV capacity is 346 MW, the green heat supply capacity is 2.45 million GJ/year, the "green content" of electricity for oil and gas production is 17%, the annual standard coal saving is 144,000 tons, and the carbon emission reduction is 530,000 tons.


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