The average annual well depth in Tarim oilfield exceeds 7,000 meters

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Recently, five Wells with a design exceeding 8,000 meters, including Fudong 2, are being drilled in Tarim Oilfield, Xinjiang. In 2022, the annual average well depth of Tarim Oilfield was 7,098 meters, breaking the annual average well depth of 7,000 meters for the first time. The drilling and completion period was shortened by 12.2 days year-on-year, and the drilling speed was increased by 5.57%. Among them, 34 Wells were drilled 8,000 meters deep, accounting for more than 90% of petrochina's 8,000 meters deep Wells. The "hundred-meter speed" of increasing drilling speed, production, quality and efficiency has been achieved.


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