The Tarim Oilfield in Xinjiang has produced 470 million tons of oil and gas equivalent over the past 34 years

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April 10, Tarim oilfield ushered in the 34th anniversary of the battle. The reporter learned from petrochina Tarim Oilfield Company that the accumulative oil and gas output in Tarim oilfield has reached 470 million tons in the past 34 years, becoming the main force in the ultra-deep field of oil and gas resources in China.

Tarim Basin, with an area of 560,000 square kilometers, is the largest onshore oil-gas basin in China and the only oil-gas basin in the world dominated by ultra-deep resources. According to the results of the latest round of oil and gas resource evaluation, the Tarim Basin accounts for 83.2% and 63.9% of China's oil and gas resources buried more than 6,000 meters, respectively, and about 19% of the world's total ultra-deep oil and gas resources, indicating huge exploration and development potential.

According to reports, in recent years, Tarim Oilfield in the hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert, into the ultra-deep oil and gas exploration and development, promote the innovation of oil and gas exploration and development, two trillion cubic meters of atmosphere and 1 billion tons of large oil area, from the initial annual output of 33,900 tons of small oil fields, Up to now, it has built China's third largest onshore oil and gas field with an annual output of 33.1 million tons and the main gas source for the west-east gas transmission.

In recent years, great breakthroughs have been made in the ultra-deep Tarim Oilfield, which has become one of the important strategic fields for the increase of oil reserves and production and the development of upstream business in the future. In March this year, the Guole 3C well in Tarim Oilfield was drilled to a depth of 9,396 meters, ushering Tarim into a new stage of oil and gas exploration and development of 9,000 meters. Up to now, the Tarim Oilfield has successfully drilled 72 "underground Qomolangms" over 8,000 meters, including Luntanyi 1 and Dabei 4, and drilled more than 1,600 Wells over 6,000 meters deep, accounting for more than 80% of the total number of ultra-deep Wells in China.


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