The "SEPETIBA", one of the world's largest floating production, storage and offloading vessels, was delivered in Tianjin

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On June 12, the "SEPETIBA", one of the world's largest FPSO (floating production, storage and unloading vessel), completed all the module construction, connection and commissioning and other related work, and completed the delivery at the terminal of Tianjin Bomaiko Marine Engineering Co., LTD., a company in the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, and will leave the port for Brazil on June 15. The successful delivery of "SEPETIBA" is of great significance to the high-quality development of Tianjin's Marine engineering equipment industry.

It is understood that the "SEPETIBA" the length of 333 meters, the total height of 64 meters, the total width of 60 meters, the main deck area of about 3.5 standard football fields, the oil storage capacity of 2 million barrels, the empty ship weight of 93,000 tons, the maximum displacement of 450,000 tons, is a veritable "sea giant", It is also the first super large FPSO successfully delivered and directly exported from Tianjin Port, a major industrial town in northern China. As the first FPSO final assembly project in Tianjin, the round will create nearly $1 billion in exports after delivery, effectively filling the gap in the FPSO final assembly business in Tianjin.


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