Stainless steel valve pair used for sucker rod pump

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Valve ball and seat is one of key parts of subsurface sucker rod pump. Its performance directly affects the use effect and service life of sucker rod pump. Good quality will increase the oil production and reduce maintain times of pump to improve the oil well’s economic benefit.

The ball and seat are produced according to API 11AX.

The standard ball Code. Is from V12-106 to V12-375

The standard seat Code. Is from V13-106 to V13-375

According to the demand of oil well, we can provide different valve ball and seat. For the material, we have stainless steel, Tungsten carbide, Titanium carbide and Cobalt Alloy.

Different material of valve ball and seat have different price. The price range of valve ball and seat is from USD 2 to USD80.

We once export our valve ball and seat to the countries in South America and Central Europe. The feedback is very good. clients are satisfy with the quality and reorder from us many times.

For more information of valve ball ans seat or other products, welcome to contact me any time.


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