South American customer orders torque anchor

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Last week, South American customers ordered torque anchors and accessories. The characteristics of our company's torque anchors are that there is no need to lift and lower the seat seal when going down the well, and the centering performance is good, so that the tubing and sucker rod are always in a vertical downward state, Avoid offset wear between tubing and sucker rod. the operation is simple, and the stability is good. The three blocks are anchored on the inner wall of the casing and are supported by springs. The cam rotates, and the three blocks are expanded and anchored at the same time. the larger the reaction torque, the larger the anchoring force, the torque force can reach more than 5000N m, the anchoring is firm, and it has good corrosion resistance to special gases. Easy to use, safe and reliable.

Specifications have 5-1/2, 7, 9-5/8. At present, the torque anchor has been arranged for production and will be delivered to customers on schedule.


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