South American customer orders sucker rod pump accessories and sucker rod fittings

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Our company's South American customer ordered a batch of pump accessories, the products include thin-wall pump barrel B11-25, B11-150, B11-200, spray welding plunger P21-125, P21-150, tungsten carbide valve ball valve seat V11-125, V11-150, V11-175, valve cage C12-125, C13-125,150, mandrel S11-20, S11-25, seating nipple N11-20, N11-25, N11-30, pony rod 3/4 X 2 ', sinker bar 1-1/2 X 25 ', J55 tubing pup joint, 2-3/8 X2 ', 2-3/8 X4 ', 2-7/8X2 ', 2-7/8X4 ', sucker rod 3/4 " with full size coupling, buckle coupling, 3/4 X5/8 and 3/4 X 7/8, polished rod clamp 1-1/8, snap on sucker rod centralizer and other products. At present, all products have been arranged for production and will be delivered to customers as agreed in contract.


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