Sinopec acquires trillions of cubic feet of shale gas resources

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On June 30, the Ministry of Geochemistry of China tested 530,000 cubic meters of shale gas per day in the Xinye 1 well in Qijiang, Chongqing. So far, the complex structural belt "Xinchangnan -- Dongxi -- Dingshan -- Lintan Chang" in the southeastern sichuan basin margin of SINOPEC has formed a whole chain, with the overall resource volume reaching 1.193 trillion cubic meters. It is the second trillion-cubic meter shale gas resource position discovered by SINOPEC after Fuling shale gas field, which will make an important contribution to China's energy security.

Xinye 1 well, with a total drilling depth of 5,756 meters, is a deep shale gas risk exploration well deployed by SINOPEC Exploration Company in Xinchang Structure, Qijiang District, Chongqing. The Xinchang structure belongs to the complex tectonic belt of southeastern Sichuan basin margin. Previous studies have shown that the ultra-deep shale gas in the tectonic belt has large favorable area and large resources.

After the fuling shale gas field made a significant exploration breakthrough in 2012, Sinopec turned its attention to the complex structural belt along the southeastern sichuan basin margin, established the deep shale gas technology research group, continued to carry out technical research on deep shale gas target evaluation, formed the deep shale gas accumulation and fracturing technology, and realized the high quality shale drilling rate of 100%. All fracturing equipment, tools and materials are made in China, and construction costs are greatly reduced. In 2019, Sinopec made a strategic breakthrough in deep shale gas exploration. In the next step, SINOPEC will strengthen the overall evaluation and deployment of "Xinchang South - Dongxi - Dingshan - Liangcun North" in southeast Sichuan, and strive to achieve new exploration breakthroughs.


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