Rotary steerable technology has made a major breakthrough

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China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) announced on November 10 that the first exploration well of the cooperation between petrochina and Petrobras (Petrobras) in Brazil, located in the Alam deepwater exploration block in the Santos Basin, has been successfully tested.

According to petrochina's disclosure, the Gulazo-1 well is 240 kilometers from the city of Santos in Sao Paulo state and operates at a water depth of 1,905 meters. In November 2021, wireline logging and fluid sampling confirmed the oil-bearing interval, resulting in a significant discovery. The CNPC and Petrobras technical teams quickly determined the test plan and actively promoted the potential zone test to further identify reservoir productivity and reservoir properties. On October 16 this year, the Gulasha-1 well completed the three-open and three-shut phase test and obtained high oil flow. Through the collection of dynamic production data, the production capacity of the well was analyzed and evaluated further, which further confirmed the huge resource potential and development prospect of the Alam block, and laid the resource foundation for accelerating the exploration and evaluation process and putting into development as soon as possible.


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