Record production from the Derup offshore field in Johnsville

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quinor, the Norwegian state oil company, said Tuesday it had successfully conducted capacity tests and confirmed that its Johan Sverdrup offshore field could produce up to 755,000 barrels per day. During production tests, the field produced an all-time high of 755,000 barrels per day. That amounts to 6-7 per cent of Europe's daily oil consumption. Marianne Bjelland, vice President of exploration and production at Equinor, said the process capability test confirmed that the equipment was technically robust and durable without incident. This is an important milestone and the result of systematic and targeted efforts. Equinor and its partners Aker BP, Petro Petoro (Norwegian Oil and Gas Revenue Management company) and Total Energy aim to maintain production at this level in the future. In addition, the field is producing 31,500 barrels of oil equivalent of natural gas per day.

The field holds 2.7 billion barrels of oil equivalent in reserves. Construction of the first phase began in October 2019 and production of the second phase began in December 2022. The field is located 160 kilometers west of Stavanger in the North Sea at a depth of 110 to 120 meters and covers an area of 200 square kilometers. The field was initially expected to peak at 660,000 barrels a day, about a quarter of Norway's current output.


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