Qinghai Oilfield achieved 32.73% and 36.66% of the 2023 oil and gas targets

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On May 9, the reporter learned from the China National Petroleum Corporation Qinghai Oilfield Branch (hereinafter referred to as "Qinghai Oilfield") that as of May 8, Qinghai Oilfield had achieved 32.73% and 36.66% of the 2023 oil and gas targets.

Oil and gas production in Qinghai oilfield has adhered to the integration of exploration and development, and oil and gas production has increased steadily in the first four months. Natural gas production has successfully completed the task of ensuring natural gas supply for last winter and spring, with a peak daily production of 17 million cubic meters, and a total of 2.752 billion cubic meters of gas supplied to Qingganzang.

In addition, Golmu Refinery adheres to the main line of ensuring the supply of Qinghai-Tibet refined oil market, strengthening the stable operation of the plant, increasing the production of marketable, high value-added GuVIb gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and other products, and processing 502,000 tons of crude oil in the first four months.


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