Our country's maximum annual production of ultra-deep oil and gas exceeds 3 million tons

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On December 23, oil and gas production in Tarim Fuman Oilfield, the largest ultra-deep oilfield in China, "changed" for the third time in four years. This year, oil and gas production in Tarim Fuman Oilfield exceeded the mark of 3 million tons, reaching 3,090,500 tons, becoming the fastest oil field in the deep earth field in China, creating a new growth pole for the increase of crude oil storage and production.

To build a demonstration area of efficiency and production, and promote a big leap in crude oil output. The Tarim oilfield has changed its development and production mode, promoted the integration of exploration, evaluation and development, and changed its development management from production-oriented to profit-oriented. This year, Fuman Oilfield has seen a huge increase in crude oil production, accounting for 60 percent of the increase in Tarim oilfield.

At present, the Tarim Oilfield has completed the feasibility analysis of drilling 10,000 meters deep in the field, and the reserves of ultra-deep Wells with high temperature and high pressure drilling technology have also made stage progress. 3 ultra-deep Wells with 10,000 meters level are ready to advance to the deeper "underground Everest".


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