Our country's largest annual production of oil and gas exceeds 65 million tons

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By 22:00 on December 31, 2022, the annual oil and gas equivalent production of petrochina Changqing Oilfield, the largest oil and gas field in China, exceeded 65 million tons and reached 6,5015,500 tons, creating the highest annual oil and gas output record in domestic oil and gas fields. This is another historic leap after Changqing Oilfield exceeded 60 million tons in 2020.

The oil and gas resources in Ordos Basin developed by Changqing Oilfield are typical low-pressure, low-permeability and low-abundance hydrocarbon reservoirs in the world, and the economic and effective development is a worldwide problem. In recent years, Changqing Oilfield has continuously intensified its efforts to increase storage and production, breaking the technological monopoly of international oil companies, breaking through the key core technologies of efficient exploration and development of ultra-low permeability oil fields, shale oil fields and tight gas fields, promoting the discovery of oil and gas resources, accelerating the conversion of recoverable reserves, and making the "three low" oil and gas reservoirs burst into huge energy.

It is understood that Changqing Oilfield has successfully developed 35 oil fields and 13 gas fields, contributing more than 890 million tons of oil and gas equivalent to the country, and playing the role of "ballast stone" in protecting the national oil and gas energy security. In 2022, Changqing Oilfield has a capacity of more than 10 million tons of oil and gas, with 2,210 oil Wells and 2,338 gas Wells put into operation, 6,170 tons of new crude oil and 31 million cubic meters of natural gas per day, and a net increase of 2,569,200 tons of oil and gas output compared to 2021.


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