New progress has been made in the development of key core technologies and equipment for deep-sea oil and gas exploration in China

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Recently, in the 3,000-meter ultra-deep water block located in the Pearl River Estuary Basin, the "Offshore Oil 720" deep-water geophysical exploration ship equipped with China's self-developed Marine streamer seismic exploration and acquisition equipment "Haijing" system completed the ultra-deep water seismic exploration for the first time, and released China's first ultra-deep water three-dimensional geological exploration map. It marks new progress in the development of key core technologies and equipment for deep-sea oil and gas exploration in China.

According to reports, "Haijing" is the first set of trawle-mode seismic exploration acquisition equipment independently developed and manufactured in China, which is composed of a variety of equipment systems such as source control, trawling collection, integrated navigation, positioning and control, with 2 Hz ultra-low frequency signal acquisition capability, improving the resolution of seismic data. Compared with the imported equipment, the seismic data collected by the "sea Jing" has a higher recognition degree, and can accurately depict the complex geological structure of the 10,000 meter stratum through the water depth of 3,000 meters, and the overall performance of the equipment meets the current requirements of offshore oil exploration.

Since it was put into operation in September 2022, "Haijing" has experienced a variety of operations from conventional seismic acquisition to high-density continuous acquisition to high-coverage rolling acquisition, and successfully completed 3D seismic exploration of 3,935 square kilometers of sea area in 4 work areas, has realized product stereotype and industrial production, and has the capability of R&D, manufacturing and service of the whole industry chain. A complete industrial manufacturing system has been established.


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