Iranian Oil Terminal Company accelerates development of new projects

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The Tehran Times reported on April 11 that the Iranian Oil Terminal Company said it was accelerating the development of oil projects to boost exports of oil and natural gas condensate. Kahag Island is a continental island in the Persian Gulf in southern Iran, 25 kilometers off the coast of Iran and 483 kilometers northwest of the Strait of Hormuz, administered by the neighboring Bushehr province. The island not only became a seaport for Iranian oil storage and export, but also extended Iran's territorial waters to oil fields in the Persian Gulf. The seaport terminal has all the necessary infrastructure (including berths, loading arms, flow piping, storage tank systems). The terminal is considered to be one of the most suitable locations in Iran for crude oil export and loading due to its proximity to oil fields, its superior offshore location and the water depth suitable for berthing of large oil tankers.


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