February 2023 international offshore rig count decreased by 4 month-on-month

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The number of offshore RIGS fell in February 2023, down four from January, according to the Baker Hughes International Rig Count Report. However, the total number of international RIGS rose to 915 from 901 in January.

Baker Hughes disclosed Friday, March 3, 2023, that the offshore rig count fell by four in February 2023, following a 10-rig increase in January 2023. In addition, offshore RIGS increased 34 units in February compared to 31 units in January 2023. Moreover, the company highlighted that the total number of RIGS in service internationally (both onshore and offshore) rose by 14 last month to 915, up 102 from 813 last year, with land RIGS up 68 and offshore RIGS up 34. Compared with the previous month's data, the number of onshore RIGS increased by 18 to 693 in February 2023, while the number of offshore RIGS decreased by four to 222. In addition, the U.S. rig count in February was 758, down 14 RIGS from 772 in January and up 122 RIGS from a year ago, while the U.S. rig count was up 171 RIGS in January 2023. Canada's rig count was 248 RIGS in February, up 22 RIGS from 226 in January and up 28 RIGS from a year earlier, compared with an increase of 36 RIGS in January 2023. The global rig count, meanwhile, was 1,921 in February, up 23 from 1,899 in January 2023 and 252 from 1,669 in February 2022.


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