Dongying, Shandong: The first 100,000-ton crude oil terminal is put into operation

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On the morning of November 14, at the 6# berth of Baogang International 2× 100,000 ton crude oil Terminal in Dongying Port, the first "Daqing 451" vessel loaded with 50,000 tons of crude oil was carrying out berthing operations, marking the official operation of the terminal.

Baogang International 2× 100,000-ton crude oil terminal is the first 100,000-ton crude oil terminal put into use in Dongying Port, filling the gap in the region without a large deepwater crude oil terminal, and international sailing ships can direct from the international commercial port to Dongying Port, effectively improving the port's handling and unloading service capacity. The terminal is directly connected with the terminal tank farm and the enterprise production tank farm through pipelines, and the crude oil and liquefied chemicals can go directly to the end customers, which greatly saves the logistics cost of the petroleum refining and chemical enterprises in Dongying Port and the surrounding hinterland.


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