Dagang Oilfield has produced 210 million tons of crude oil

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The Dagang oilfield on the shores of Bohai Bay celebrated its 60th anniversary of exploration and development on January 25. Statistics show that in the past 60 years, Dagang Oilfield has produced 210 million tons of crude oil and 27.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas for the country, making important contributions in the field of ensuring energy supply.

Dagang Oilfield, headquartered in Binhai New Area, Tianjin, is the third oilfield independently developed by the People's Republic of China after Daqing and Shengli. On January 25, 1964, more than 7,700 oil workers from Daqing entered the customs, kicked off the oil battle in Tianjin-Hebei, started the oil and gas exploration campaign, and began a difficult and tortuous entrepreneurial journey.

In recent years, under the guidance of the Dagang Petroleum spirit with the core of "dry revolution on saline-alkali flats and oil production in small fragments", Dagang Oilfield has actively built a new high-quality development pattern of "one body and two wings" with oil and gas exploration and development as the main body, new energy and gas storage business flying together.

In terms of exploration, new breakthroughs have been made in Zhuanghai buried hill, Qikou shale oil, lithologic reservoirs in deep depression area, etc. In terms of development, the construction of production capacity has achieved positive pull, and the comprehensive treatment has achieved obvious results. China's first 100,000-ton continental shale oil benefit development demonstration platform has been built, and the annual output of shale oil has exceeded 140,000 tons.


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