Customer ordered 1300 sets of cone packing

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Our company's customer ordered 1300 sets of Nitrile rubber conel packing, including 700 sets of 1-1/4” and 600 sets of 1-1/2”. The nitrile rubber formula used by our cone packing is developed and produced by our company based on many years of production and use experience. The rubber can well adapt to the needs of oil well production, and has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, good anti-aging performance and good sealing. After the use of many customers, the effect is very good, and many customers have purchased and used it many times. Our company also has cone packing made of Teflon material suitable for high temperature 200℃, which is also the purchase target of many customers.

At present, the order of 1,300 sets of cone packing has been arranged for production and will be delivered to customer according to delivery schedule.

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