Completion depth: 4,656 m! Oil and gas drilling in Inner Mongolia Coal Exploration Group set a new well depth record in the whole area

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Recently, the drilling and construction project of Guaizihu Guai 16 oil and gas well of Inner Mongolia Oil Production Plant of Zhongyuan Oilfield Company of Sinopec, contracted by the Drilling Engineering Company of Inner Mongolia Coal Exploration Group, has been successfully completed. The drilling depth is 4656 meters, the coring is 29.2 meters, the drilling cycle is 96.9 days, and the average ROP is 7.17 meters/hour. The single well depth set a new record for the deepest well in Inner Mongolia's energy exploration system.

The construction site of the project is located in the Badain Jaran Desert hinterland northeast of Gurigacha, Dongfeng Town, Ejin Banner. Since winning the bid of this project, the Coal Mining Group has attached great importance to it and organized drilling experts, engineering and technical personnel and the main personnel in charge of the well team to conduct discussion and demonstration for many times, and reasonably evaluated the major construction risks such as blowout easily occurring in this block, reducing diameter and sticking in the upper stratum, extremely high geothermal gradient and large formation dip Angle. A feasible drilling construction plan and emergency plan for safety production accidents were formulated. At the same time, the investment in equipment and hardware was increased to ensure the safe and smooth construction of Guai 16 well.


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