Cnooc's Enping 15-1 oil field group was fully put into operation with a daily output of more than 7,000 tons of crude oil

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The Shenzhen branch of CNOOC announced on September 16 that Enping 20-4 oilfield, located in the eastern waters of the South China Sea, was put into production. At this point, the Enping 15-1 oil field group, including six new oil fields, has been fully completed and put into operation, with a peak daily output of more than 7,000 tons of crude oil.

The Enping 15-1 oilfield group is about 200 kilometers southwest of Shenzhen, with an average water depth of about 90 meters. Since the start of construction in August 2021, a total of four offshore platforms, 99 km of submarine pipelines and 25 km of submarine cables have been completed. New facilities and Enping Oilfield phase I project to achieve power, communication, sea management network, after the full implementation of Enping oilfield will become the highest daily production of the South China Sea oil field group, for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area economic development of oil and gas resources.


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