Cnooc Enping 15-1 oil field group was put into operation

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On December 7, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) announced that the Enping 15-1 oil field group located in the Pearl River Mouth Basin was officially put into operation. The oil and gas cluster, with a peak daily output of nearly 5,000 tons, will inject new impetus into the economic and social development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

The Enping 15-1 oilfield group is about 200 kilometers southwest of Shenzhen, with an average water depth of about 90 meters. The field cluster includes four new fields with 48 planned production Wells. The main facilities and equipment of the oilfield cluster include Enping 15-1 platform, the largest offshore oil production platform in Asia, Enping 10-2 platform, the first newly built unmanned platform in the eastern South China Sea, and China's first set of offshore carbon dioxide storage device.

Enping 15-1 platform is the most important offshore facility of Enping 15-1 oilfield group, which is independently designed, constructed, installed and operated by CNOOC. The total height of the platform is about 160 meters, the total weight is more than 30,000 tons, the single-deck area is equivalent to 10 basketball courts, and nearly 600 sets of equipment and systems are installed. It can realize many functions, such as drilling, well intervention, unmanned remote control, carbon dioxide injection storage, independent power generation and power networking, and comprehensive treatment of oil, gas and water. At present, it is the largest deck area, heaviest block weight, most equipment and the most fully functional offshore oil production platform in Asia.


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