China will vigorously promote oil and gas exploration and oil service industry to meet the boom cycle

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On July 24, the National Energy Administration organized a meeting to promote the efforts of oil and gas exploration and development in 2022. It proposed to vigorously promote the implementation of oil-and-gas related plans, increase upstream investment with greater efforts, and help ensure economic operation and people's livelihood needs. Vigorously promote new breakthroughs in offshore oil and gas exploration and development, and improve the degree of exploration and exploration of offshore oil and gas resources; We will vigorously promote shale oil and gas to become a strategic successor field.

The 14th Five-Year Plan for a Modern Energy System proposes to continue to promote energy security and ensure that domestic oil companies carry out a seven-year action plan to increase gas production. According to Wei Zhengyu of Huafu Securities, oil and gas prices have risen sharply since last year, and while US shale oil and gas companies have been cautious about spending, China's domestic plans to increase storage and production have led to a steady increase in oil and gas spending, increasing the future performance certainty of domestic oil service and engineering companies.

In terms of the company, Jeri Stock is a provider of oil and gas field equipment and technology engineering services. At the end of last year, the stock orders reached 8.86 billion yuan, up 91.2% year on year; China Man Petroleum is one of the most powerful international drilling engineering service contractors and high-end oil equipment manufacturers in China


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