China's longest deep-water oil and gas pipeline has entered the commissioning stage

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Recently, the key control project of the second phase of the ultra-deep water gas field, the 20-inch diameter submarine long-distance pipeline, has entered the commissioning stage, and will be connected with the underwater production system, laying the foundation for the full line of the pipeline. The pipeline was completed on the 22nd, a total length of 115.5 kilometers, 9425 steel pipe connection, the total amount of steel equivalent to 1.3 "bird's nest", is China's longest deep-water oil and gas pipeline, will be connected to the "deep-sea No. 1" phase II oil and gas transmission main channel.

The second phase of the Deep-sea No. 1 project is China's first deep-water high-pressure gas field, with a maximum operating water depth of nearly 1,000 meters, and the extracted oil and gas composition is complex, with high temperature and high pressure. According to reports, the submarine long distance pipeline is specially tailored for "high temperature and high pressure strong corrosion oil air flow mixed transport", using the combination of "deep water large diameter seamless steel pipe + bimetal composite pipe" to meet the requirements of high strength and high toughness indicators, and realize the whole process of R & D and manufacturing localization.

It is reported that the proved geological reserves of natural gas in the second phase of the "Deep-sea No. 1" project have reached 50 billion cubic meters, and the peak annual output of the "deep-sea No. 1" gas field can be increased from 3 billion cubic meters to 4.5 billion cubic meters after being put into operation, becoming an important gas source to ensure China's energy security.


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