China's largest offshore oil field produced more than 95 million tons of crude oi

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The reporter learned from the Tianjin branch of CNOOC on November 21 that the accumulated crude oil production of Suizhong 36-1 oilfield, the first modern self-exploration and development oil field in China's offshore, exceeded 95 million tons, which is equivalent to the oil tanker filled with 60 tons can be arranged half a circle around the earth's equator.

It is understood that Suizhong 36-1 oilfield, since its production in 1993, has always adhered to the "innovation-driven" tool and pioneered the first large-scale offshore "encryption adjustment", "fine water injection", and "multi-branch well" research. It has explored a number of technologies and filled the blank of offshore heavy oil field development. At present, Suizhong 36-1 oilfield, after the first and second phase of rolling development and the first encryption adjustment, has built 19 production platforms in the development scale, contributing to nearly one-fifth of the output of Bohai oilfield.

It is reported that Suizhong 36-1 oilfield, after 30 years of development, has entered the double high stage of "high water cut and high recovery", the remaining oil is fragmented distribution, and the deep-seated development contradiction is increasingly prominent. After the in-depth study of the researchers, the oilfield has realized the high-precision simulation of the distribution of remaining oil with tens of millions of grids. The direction of potential exploration has changed from the traditional "oil search in the unflooded area of the main layer" to "oil recovery in the water of the main layer" and "potential and hidden oil exploration in the non-main layer", and the water injection management has changed from "conventional experience dynamic analysis" to "intelligent flow field regulation in hundreds of Wells and thousands of layers". It has effectively guided the accurate exploration and efficient management of oil fields.

At present, Suizhong 36-1 oilfield has cultivated 7 "hero Wells" and many "longevity Wells" with tiring production exceeding 100 cubic meters, which has set a record high for the single well production capacity of adjustment Wells in the oilfield.


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