China's first offshore oil and gas production equipment intelligent manufacturing base was put into operation

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On June 26, the reporter learned from offshore Oil Engineering Co., LTD that China's first offshore oil and gas production equipment intelligent manufacturing base -- CNOOC Tianjin Intelligent Manufacturing Base was officially put into operation, marking a major breakthrough in the intelligent transformation of China's offshore oil and gas equipment industry.

The base covers an area of about 575,000 square meters. The core facilities include three intelligent production centers, seven auxiliary workshops and eight final assembly stations, with a designed annual capacity of 84,000 structural tons. It has a total length of 1,631 meters and high-quality dock resources suitable for the docking of large offshore engineering vessels and floating production storage and offloading units (FPSO). More than 400 sets of advanced intelligent production equipment such as automatic cutting, automatic grinding, intelligent pairing, intelligent welding and intelligent storage have been applied to realize the intelligent workshop prefabrication process from material admission to marking, pairing, grinding and welding.

In the future, the base will focus on the development of oil and gas production platform and upper module, FPSO module, LIQUEFIED natural gas (LNG) module and other high-end Marine engineering products, and build a comprehensive base integrating the functions of intelligent manufacturing of Marine engineering, intelligent support of oil and gas field operation and maintenance, and original innovation research and development platform of Marine engineering technology.


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