China's first independently developed deepwater oil and gas underwater production system was put into operation

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On September 14, the Ledong Block development project of Dongfang 1-1 gas field in the southeast area of Yinggehai in the South China Sea was put into operation, marking a major breakthrough in the development of key technologies and equipment for deep-water oil and gas development in China. It is of great significance to build an independent and controllable offshore oil and gas equipment system and ensure national energy security.

Deepwater subsea production system is an important technical equipment for the development of offshore oil and gas resources. It is composed of underwater wellhead, underwater tree, underwater control system, underwater multifunctional manifold and other complex underwater structures. In the deep sea environment at low temperature and high pressure, a "multidirectional channel" is built that can transmit subsea oil and gas logistics, hydraulic and electrical control signals, and subsea production facility status information in an orderly manner.

"The deepwater subsea production system is the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of the deepwater oil and gas development. The system is currently operating well and the subsea production target is being met." China's cnooc hainan branch chief engineer shu-jie liu said, China's cnooc based on relevant domestic industries, relying on national science and technology projects, lead with 16 domestic enterprises and colleges and universities to carry out the research and development of equipment manufacturing technology research, the hainan east gas fields for application development of marginal gas reservoir as the goal, to promote domestic deepwater subsea production system research and development success.

Previously, China's underwater production system relied on imports, and equipment application faced problems such as long acquisition cycle, high purchase price, and difficult maintenance, which restricted the development of deep-sea oil and gas resources. The successful development and application of domestic deepwater subsea production system can effectively develop many marginal reservoirs in deep water that originally had no economic benefits.


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