China's first domestic deep-water subsea tree has been installed

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On May 11, China's first set of home-made deep-water subsea tree was installed in Yinggehai, Hainan. The equipment is an important part of the subsea oil and gas production system engineering demonstration project led by CNOOC, marking a key step in the development of key technologies and equipment for China's deep-water oil and gas development.

Subsea production system is the key equipment to develop deepwater oil and gas fields, including subsea wellhead, subsea tree, subsea control system, subsea manifold and other equipment. For a long time, only five European and American companies in the world have mastered the design and construction technology of subsea production system, resulting in long acquisition cycle, high price and difficult maintenance of the equipment. The 500 meter level underwater oil and gas production system engineering demonstration and application project implemented by CNOOC symbolizes that China has the ability to design, build and apply complete sets of equipment.

The subsea production system will be used to develop gas reservoirs around the Ledong platform of the Dongfang 1-1 gas field. The Wells using the subsea production system can produce about 200 million cubic meters of gas per year.

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