CNPC Logging Hydraulic Pumping Helps Set Records in Offshore Perforation

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China Petroleum Network News (special reporter Chang Jierui correspondent Qi Guofeng) On September 11, CNPC logging adopted "a method for precise perforation of thin layers transported by tubing in horizontal wells and highly deviated wells", and successfully completed the hydraulic pump in Well Chenghai 606 Sent to school for deep perforation. The hydraulic pumping depth of the construction is as long as 3,278 meters, setting a new record for deep perforation in the domestic offshore hydraulic pumping school. Well Chenghai 606 has a design deflection point of 179 meters, a horizontal displacement of 3768.95 meters, and a maximum well inclination of 88.51 degrees. Using the conventional perforation depth calibration plan, it needs to go down five times to calibrate the depth, resulting in large perforation errors and a long construction period. After communicating with the builder, CNPC Logging decided to use "a precise perforation method for horizontal well and highly deviated well tubing transportation" to correct the depth by hydraulic pumping. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the construction, CNPC optimized the design of the construction plan, carefully organized production preparations, integrated various data, and carried out software simulation calculations to ensure the safety and reliability of the construction plan. During the construction, the C3323 operation team worked continuously for 48 hours, and the depth of the pumping was successful in one time, and the overall working efficiency was increased by 40%, accumulating experience for offshore large-displacement perforating construction.


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