Asia's largest onshore oil production platform has been put into production in Jilin Oilfield

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Recently, Asia's largest land oil production platform ------ Jilin Oilfield new block 215 Platform 16 has been put into production. Among them, 23 oil Wells have been seen, with an average daily output of 1.4 tons per well, and the rest are draining.

Dajingcong is a model of integrated application of a series of advanced technologies in Jilin oilfield to save energy, reduce consumption, reduce cost and increase efficiency. In 2015, 48 oil and water Wells were completed and put into operation on the No.1 Large well cluster platform in Jilin Oilfield, making it the "largest oil production platform in Asia" at that time. The newly put into operation platform 16 has a total of 72 oil and water Wells, once again creating a new record of the largest onshore oil production platform in Asia, which is another strength of jilin oilfield's scale efficiency development.


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