Asia's largest offshore oil production platform has been installed in the Pearl River Mouth Basin

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On August 1st, CNOOC reported that Enping 15-1 Central platform, the largest offshore oil production platform in Asia, completed the overall floating installation in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, which indicated that the design, construction and installation capacity of China's super large offshore oil and gas production facilities had reached the world's advanced level. Enping 15-1 central platform is the most important offshore facility of the Enping Oilfield Group development project. It consists of two parts, the upper block and jacket, with a total height of about 160 meters. The upper block weighs 18,880 tons and the total weight exceeds 30,000 tons. Since the weight of the upper block of the platform exceeds the capacity limit of the global offshore floating crane, CNOOC put the largest offshore engineering barge "Offshore Oil 229" in Asia to carry out the offshore installation by using the float technology.


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