Annual Oil And Gas Production in Xinjiang's Three Prefectures Exceeded 8 Million Tons for The First Time

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On December 10, Xinjiang Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, Kashgar region, and Tian region, the three primary gas sources, petrochina Tarim Oilfield Company Southwest Exploration and Development Company (hereinafter referred to as: This year, the company has produced 580,900 tons of oil and 9.316 billion cubic meters of natural gas, and its oil and gas production exceeded 8 million tons for the first time, reaching 8.004,000 tons, achieving a net increase of one million tons for five consecutive years.

It is understood that the southwest company is the first energy enterprise to enter the Tarim Basin for oil and gas exploration and development. In recent years, Tarim Oilfield Company has intensified its efforts in oil and gas exploration and development. Boz-dabei gas field, the second trillion-square atmosphere area, was discovered in the southern foot of Tianshan Mountain. The Phusha, Russ and Qiatan oil and gas fields were discovered in Kunlun Mountain.


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