A major breakthrough has been made in China's "Shendi No.1" project in the field of oil and gas

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Sinopec announced on August 10 that the company's "deep engineering" in the field of oil and gas exploration and development has achieved a major breakthrough - the Shunbei 803 inclined well test has obtained high-yield industrial oil and gas flow, which is equivalent to a daily output of 244.3 tons of crude oil and 970,000 cubic meters of natural gas. , the oil and gas equivalent reached 1017 tons, becoming the 15th "thousand-ton well" in the ultra-deep layer of the Shunbei oil and gas field. So far, 41 oil and gas wells with a vertical depth of more than 8,000 meters have been drilled in the Shunbei Oil and Gas Field in the Tarim Basin of my country, and four million-ton oil and gas fields have been established, marking the successful exploration and development of this deepest buried oil and gas field in the world, and it is very important to our country. The exploration of mineral resources has strong guiding significance.

According to reports, deep and ultra-deep layers have become the main fronts for major oil and gas discoveries in my country. my country's deep and ultra-deep oil and gas resources reach 67.1 billion tons of oil equivalent, accounting for 34% of the country's total oil and gas resources. Deep and ultra-deep layers have become the main positions for major oil and gas discoveries in my country. Taking the Tarim Basin as an example, oil and natural gas resources buried at a depth of 6,000 to 10,000 meters account for 83.2% and 63.9% of the total, respectively, and the total ultra-deep oil and gas resources account for about 19% of the global total. In recent years, 60% of the world's new oil and gas reserves have come from deep formations, and the exploration potential is huge.


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